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Tukan & Friends | About us

Founded in 2016 by siblings Mikkel, Esben & Pil, Tukan & Friend are developing high quality experiences for kids with a focus on craftsmanship. Or in plain English: ‘Kids apps’.


We want kids to enjoy exploring on a mobile device and we want to ensure parents feel comfortable with them doing so. And we hope that  everyone will have fun and learn something along the way. 


Mikkel Lundsager Hansen

Creative Director / Co-Founder

A designer and art director with far too much experience designing for the music and publishing industry. Happy to finally get the chance to do what he loves; illustrating and writing for kids. Everything he does is scrutinized by his very artistic 3 year old daughter, Alma.


Esben Lundsager Hansen

Technical Director / Co-Founder

After having been the lead programmer on several highly successful games apps across all age groups and platforms imaginable, he is now a little nervous programming for the hardest of them all, the 2-5 year olds. And everything is put to the test by his 3 year old son, Anker.


Pil Lundsager Hansen

Marketing Director

Definitely the brains, and some (most) would argue, the looks of the three. Putting her degree to the test, Pil is in charge of all communications and  for planning the very exciting time ahead. But most importantly she is ensuring that our products reach those it is meant for in the best way possible. Communications are corrected and proofed by her 1 year old son, Eske.

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